Where The Crap Have I Been?

December 12th, 2006

I must admit that I don’t know how to answer my own question. I am embarrassed to say that I just haven’t had the inspiration to write. I have done a lot of crap in the past months and most all were blog worthy. I just didn’t write any of it down. Once I fall off a wagon, it’s tough for me to get back on. Like most break-ups, “It’s me, not you.” Don’t panic, all is not lost. As it turns out I just needed some space and required a break. A very, very, very long break.

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I am back Baby, and ready to burden you again with all my crap. Visit soon for my next entry: “2006 Summary Of All The Crap I Didn’t Blog About.”

One Response to “Where The Crap Have I Been?”

  1. krissy Says:

    woo hoo….so exciting! welcome back! trust me, i know how it is to need a break from blogging. oh, how i know!

    i realized after we got off the phone, i completely forgot to wish you happy birthday. so…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you and deutsch have a great time in vegas!