My New Addiction

March 24th, 2006

I have come to the conclusion that is evil. The website should be required by the government to have a warning page flashing “ is dangerously addictive.” Thankfully, I am on the selling end opposed to the purchasing side. I can only imagine that the purchasing / bidding is even worse.

It all began when the owner of our building decided to convert our apartment building into condos. Before we knew it, we were tossed out on our derrieres (okay, it may have been a 1 1/2 year notice, but this makes for a better story). Now homeless, we went in search for an apartment that was as large. Celebration erupted when we found an almost comparable apartment. It was perfect with the exception of the decreased size.

Now we were faced with the long, over due reduction of our unused belongings. This is where I was introduced to Ebay. I was a little desperate and going through an experimental phase, so I thought “Why not? I will only try it once. It’ll be fun. What harm can it do?” They say many addicts have spoken those exact same words in the beginning. I started cautiously at first, selling only a few items. I started checking the status of our items only once or twice a day. Once I started getting a few hits, I began status checking at a furious rate. Almost over night I was hooked. How many hits have I had? How many watchers do I have? Do I have any bids? Has a bidding war started? These questions kept repeating in my head over and over again. The only way to feel better was another trip to the PC. It only got worse after that. I began scouring the apartment to see what I could sell, sell, SELL! Deutsch is afraid to go out of town. He fears that upon his return, he will step into an empty apartment.

As of today, I have sold & shipped 1 item. I still have several items up for auction, due to end in two days. Some have bids and some are still bid-less. I have come to terms with my addiction and more importantly, I admit I have a problem. I have given myself a deadline. Once in the new apartment, I will quit cold turkey. With that said, I am ending this entry. It has been an hour since I have checked the status of my auctions.

4 Responses to “My New Addiction”

  1. jan Says:

    have often tht about selling on e-bay…hope you hit a bidding war! curious what you are get rid of.
    LOL that furniture gone when D gets back home.
    there are days when sff has a similar attraction.

  2. Eanimal Says:

    it’s cheaper than heroine…at least you’re making a profit. Oh, while I’m thinking about it. I think I left my black purse in La La the last time I visited. You know, the one that looks like yours with the long strap and the little bead thingies…Oh, good gravy, you probably sold it. I’m too late, aren’t I?

  3. Heather Says:

    Good Lord, never buy anything from Ebay. You’ll be broke before you know what hit you!

  4. Don Lapre is da Man Says:

    Thank goodness, and God Bless you… but holy… I am on the wrong side… I end up buying things which I don’t require and also I think I ll be able to sell it later. Help!!

    as Don Lapre is da Man