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South Beach Diet / Phase 1: Day 6/14

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Day 6 Breakfast: Veggie Quiche Cups To Go (egg beaters, spinach & asparagus) V8 Low Sodium Veggie Juice Coffee w/ Fat-Free Milk Morning Snack: 1 Reduced-Fat Colby/Cheddar Cheese Stick Lunch: Butter Beans, Arugula and Spinach Salad w/ Green Goddess Dressing Sugar-Free Cherry Creamsicle Afternoon Snack: Oops! Missed this one. My bad. Dinner: Left-over Buttermilk Salmon […]

South Beach Diet / Phase 1: Day 5/14

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Day 5 Breakfast: Scrambled Egg Beaters w/ Soy Bacon Strip Vegetable Juice Coffee w/ Fat-Free Milk Morning Snack: Celery w/ Peanut Butter Lunch: Greek Salad Afternoon Snack: Mozzarella Cheese Stick Dinner: Buttermilk Salmon Chowder (had a picture, but D said it didn’t do this yummy dish any justice) Dessert: Peanut Butter Cup Exercise: 60 Minute […]

South Beach Diet / Phase 1: Day 3/14

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Day 3 Today was a bit more of a challenge. Saturdays we are lazy. We don't like to cook on Saturdays. viagra online sale We managed to make a nice breakfast (thanks to D), but lost all motivation to make a good lunch. We decided on yesterday's leftovers. By the afternoon guilt was setting in. […]

South Beach Diet / Phase 1: Day 2/14

Friday, February 6th, 2009

This turned out to be a pretty successful day. Ok, perhaps one disastrous meal… but I did exercise today! Dinner wasn't quite the way I had hoped it would turn out, but it still tasted good. I guess taste is the most important part. The plan was Greek Soy Meatballs and Grilled Eggplant. However, the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

I know it is a little late, but I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s. My wonderful husband, Deutsch, made me a very special Valentine/Oscar dinner. The reason why it was also an Oscar dinner is due to our annual Oscar Challenge. The Challenge is simple. Before the Academy Awards, we both vote for […]