Hollywood Prop 8 Protest March

May 27th, 2009

Last night Deutsch and I decided to take part in the march against Prop 8.

The sign we carried

In the last U.S. election, Californians voted to pass Proposition 8. In short, this Prop bans the right for same-sex marriages. Now if I have my facts correct, yesterday the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and it remains law. However, the 18,000 couples who married during the Rainbow Window (Same-sex marriage approved by the Supreme Court before the election) last year will remain legally married.

So yesterday’s ruling was a lose/win situation. Congratulations to all the gay and lesbians couples that were married during the Rainbow Window. To the rest of you that did not drop everything and make a mad dash to the court house to say “I Do”… I’m sorry – you’re basically screwed. Until the next election.

Deutsch and I were proud to join the thousands of people who rushed to the streets to stand up for what we believe in, equal rights for all.

Of course, I’m sure I am over simplifying the facts and missing crucial information, but this basically sums it up. Here is a good article from the L.A. Times that helps explain.

Here are some pictures we took during the march:

Thousands of people at Highland & Hollywood

Victims of hate

March infront of Graumans Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.

Star of Gay

One Response to “Hollywood Prop 8 Protest March”

  1. KRISSY Says:

    wow, good for you guys! the whole prop 8 thing is just horrible and i can’t believe it passed. i’m proud of you two for lending your voices to the cause.