Oscars On The Go

March 10th, 2006

Oscar and me 2006Last year we enjoyed the Oscars with a lavish spread of room service in a Westin hotel room in Palo Alto, California. This year’s hotel of choice was Snowmass Inn located in Aspen, Colorado. After a wonderful full day of skiing, I had the pleasure of sharing the award night with Deutsch, my in-laws, brother & sister in-law and a lovely couple who are family friends. At the beginning of the evening we had wine flowing, pizza sharing and all eight Oscar ballots completed. Skip to three and a half Oscar hours later… we had four missing viewers who vanished one by one throughout the evening, four coma-like state bitter enders, two slices of cold pizza, seven tallied-up Oscar ballots (one mysteriously went M.I.A.) and a winner (me). As for my acceptance speech, a special thank you to the hosts of this soiree, my in-laws and to the rest of you who humored us with our crazy Oscar obsession. I know it was a long night, but it was so enjoyable to spend it with you guys. As for Deutsch, it looks like he is in the kitchen again for the Oscar Challenge. Bad for him, but really good for me.

Congratulations to Brokeback Mountain, Crash & Jon Stewart. Brokeback Mountain was the expected winner for most of the categories it was up for. However, it was a happy moment when Crash was the surprise winner for Best Picture. Both Brokeback and Crash were my favourite* movies of the year. Even though Jon Stewart had mixed reviews, I thought he was great. I hope he is invited back next year. Kudos to the show for trying to inject more humour* throughout the evening. That is a keeper. However, what was up with ALL the film montages? They can definitely lose those.

As for the fashions, I was very underwhelmed. Nothing stood out except Charlize and her parrot, oops, I mean bow. Everyone looked very nice and safe (= boring). If you missed the fashions, check out In Style, E! Online and the Oscar website.

By the way, the Oscar picture above is me holding the real thing, an actual Oscar. Let me tell you, those suckers are heavy! I never thought I would ever get my hands one. Oh yes, I have my ways!

*Favourite & Humour – Alexa, that was just for you (sorry y’all, it’s an inside joke).

3 Responses to “Oscars On The Go”

  1. krissy Says:

    i’ve been wondering who won the oscar challenge this year! congratulations, chele. poor deutsch…maybe he can hire a caterer?? ps. that’s so cool that you got to hold an oscar! i’m so curious…..

  2. jan Says:

    cool photo!
    glad you & D watched the Oscars.
    agree the dresses were a let down.

  3. Alexa Says:

    Ah geee..spelling dually noted. go canada go!
    ps I think I might of put my pizza on my ballot-no wonder I couldn’t find it. Congrats again.