Tag, I'm It!

February 15th, 2006

Last week my cousin, Krissy, tagged me. The following are questions and answers to get to know me better.

4 Jobs You've Had In Your Life

  1. Issuing Visa credit cards
  2. Software & hardware purchaser
  3. Website publisher (current)
  4. Actress (current)

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

Remember, these aren't nessecarily my favorites, just ones I can and have watched over and over and over and over….

  1. Pretty Woman
  2. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  3. Moulin Rouge
  4. Desperately Seeking Susan
  5. Grease (I added a 5th, I had no choice)

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch

  1. Gilmore Girls
  2. 24
  3. Arrested Development
  4. The Office
  5. Twin Peaks (I know added a 5th, but since it was on the tube over a decade ago, I figured it was okay)

4 Favorite Books

  1. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  2. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
  3. Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen
    Native Tongue
  4. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kyiosaki

4 Albums You Can't Hear Too Often

  1. Culture Club – Colour By Numbers
  2. Sinead O'Connor – The Lion and the Cobra
  3. Fat Boy Slim – You've Come Along Way, Baby
  4. Morphine – Cure For Pain
  5. She Wants Revenge – She Wants Revenge (Another 5th, I know. Rules were made to be broken)
    She Wants Revenge CD Cover

4 Places You Have Lived

  1. Mississauga, Ontario CANADA
  2. Toronto, Ontario CANADA
  3. Dallas, Texas USA
  4. Los Angeles, California USA

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. France

4 Websites You Visit Daily

  1. My Yahoo! Homepage
  2. Bloglines
  3. L.A. Casting
  4. Yahoo! TV Listings (I'm a TV junkie)

4 Of Your Favorite Foods

  1. Pad Thai – Thai
  2. Pizza – Italian
  3. Malai Kofta – Indian
    Malai Kofta
  4. Cold & Hard Dark Chocolate – Any country that makes it!

4 Places You Would Rather be Right Now

  1. In Canada with my family & friends
  2. On a cruise ship to anywhere with Deutsch
  3. Backpacking across Europe w/ D
  4. Laying on a beach somewhere tropical w/ D

4 People You'll Tag

Since I do not have many blogging buddies yet, I will pass on to only two people:

  1. My hubby, Deutsch
  2. My friend, Erin (however, now that I have tagged her, she may never speak to me again)

5 Responses to “Tag, I'm It!”

  1. krissy Says:

    hee! fun answers, chele! thanks for playing along. i didn’t know you liked “desperately seeking susan” too! i love that you broke the rules and answered 5 whenever you wanted to…such a rebel. hee hee i need to find out what malai kofta is, especially since we live in little india. would we be able to eat it?
    love you, xoxo k.

  2. Eanimal Says:

    Tag, eh? you want me to hurt you, don’t you…btw, I’m not sure if it’s my computer, but your text is a dark blue and I damn near went blind trying to read it…why, wwwhhhhyyyy??????

  3. Michele Says:


    Yes, Malai Kofta is all veggie goodness! It is a safe one for you and Paul. I hope you can find it. Enjoy!!!

  4. Michele Says:


    Ha, ha, you’re IT!

    Sorry to you and anyone else to almost went blind trying to read my last post. It was fine on my pc…. Anyway, I think the problem has been fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. eanimal Says:

    alrighty already, I did it, but I cussed you out the whole time…you owe me chocolate!!!!! or at the very least another MC Hammer tracksuit