Welcome to bloggingcrap.com

January 6th, 2006

I guess I should introduce myself. I find this exercise to be a little silly since I know that all my many readers are my family and friends. Thus, you already know who I am. However, I shall continue on with the formalities. Hi, my name is Michele. With my future posts you will slowly get to know me, my thoughts, my travels and my many obsessions. Basically it will be a more sophisticated version (I hope) of my teenage diary. It’s just not hidden in my super secret spot (under my pillow) with the pick-able lock.

The only honorable thing to do in this introduction is to make a few confessions right off the bat so there won’t be any surprises.

  • I find that with many of the blogs out there in cyberspace, they have a tendency to be narcissistic. Just to let you know, I fully intend this blog to be no different.
  • I dare to say that I really have no clue as to what delights I will be boring you with from one post to the next. However, it will be my personal goal in life (slight exaggeration) to keep you reading.
  • From my past e-mail experience, I have discovered that I have the ability to be painfully long winded. A short story will easily become a novel. You may have already discovered that personality trait.

With all that said, consider yourself warned. This is your last chance to run in fear of the unknown.

Now that I have formally introduced myself and offered a couple of cautionary words, I welcome you to my blog … or should I say my crap.

5 Responses to “Welcome to bloggingcrap.com”

  1. Rondi Says:

    Love your intro……we look fwd to reading more.

  2. jan Says:

    Site looks great, love it all!! Keep it coming…

  3. paul Says:

    alright!!!! good intro, look forward to reading more crap! :)

  4. krissy Says:

    woot woot! welcome to the world of blogging, baby! let the fun begin!
    xoxo krissy
    ps. thanks for the links… :)

  5. Eanimal Says:

    HA! love the intro, you narcissistic little freak nasty! Think about all we’ll have to write about post Vegas. That is if we can remember….

    tra lalalalala