Golden Globe Fashions

January 19th, 2006

Here are my best dressed & worst dressed:

Best Dressed Females

1) Sandra Oh – She looked so beautiful. She didn’t pick a cookie cutter dress. She took a chance on something different and it paid off for her.

2) Keira Knightley – Beautiful and elegant as always.

3) Three way tie between Sarah Jessica Parker, Maria Bello & Renee Zellweger – Sarah looked perfect as usual, with the exception of the hair. I’m surprised she isn’t wearing a neck brace this week; Maria was also wearing something different. Just beautiful; Renee was graceful as always, but she looked so sad.

Looking at my top 3 list, I can see that my favorite color for the evening was white. Hey, no one is more surprised than moi.

Worst Dressed Females

1) Mariah Carey – Why is it that everything she wears looks whorish? It’s beautiful dress. Try to imagine it on, say, Julia Roberts. Beautiful. But on Mariah…

2) Alanis Morissette – Where do I start? The dress didn’t fit! Alanis honey, fire your stylist or if you don’t have one, get one. Tell Ryan Reynolds that he needs to tell you the truth before you walk out the door. Now, for the hair. All I have to say is in your case, brunettes would have more fun. Natural works for you.

3) Three way tie between Pamela Anderson, Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) & Penelope Cruz – Pam, you paid for those DDD’s, why not flaunt them?; Ellen’s dress looked like a table cloth. A very, very nice tablecloth, but in the end it’s still something people eat off of; Penelope looked like she was hiding her hair stylist under all that hair. Her dress was a miss as well. The good news is that it looked like she put a little meat on her bones.

I find it sad that two of my worst dressed are Canucks. Come on girls, you are setting a bad example. Thank goodness Sandra Oh saved the day. All in all, I have to say it is getting increasingly difficult making the worst dressed list. The gals have been so scared shitless by the media, Joan Rivers and people like me, that they are dressing safe. Well, safe is just no fun!

Best Dressed Males

1) Adrien Brody – He has a sense of style. He looks different and doesn’t care what the critics have to say. That’s plain old sexy!

2) Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow and Crash) – He just looked so handsome.

3) George Clooney – He always looks good. It’s probably all that confidence.

I feel sorry for the men at these awards. They really only have a choice between suits and tuxedos. Yes, women really can only wear dresses, but they have choices with color, cut, length and material. Even if a women wears pants, it’s no big deal. However, if a man showed up in a skirt, a mauve tux, or a sequined tie, oh boy, he wouldn’t hear the end of it. You’re off the hook guys, I do not have a Worst Dressed list for you.

Final Comments

To Gweneth Paltrow & Rachel Weisz and the rest of the pregnant women at the GG’s, you looked beautiful. It can’t be easy trying for find a dress that makes you look regal, elegant and glamorous when you are dressing for two. Hats off to ya.

A fashion oops: Rumor has it that the vintage Chanel dress that Reese Witherspoon wore had been draped on Kirsten Dunst at a Golden Globe party three years prior. Oops!

To see the fashions for yourself, check out People magazine’s Best & Worst Dressed; People’s Best & Worst Hair and In Style’s Fashion Slideshow.

6 Responses to “Golden Globe Fashions”

  1. krissy Says:

    sooo interesting to hear your picks. i agree sandra oh looked really good. i also thought gweneth looked pretty. and i ALSO couldn’t stop thinking how sad renee looked! weird?! i think i told you who my best-dressed pick was (natalie portman) but my worst dressed was drew barrymore. i agree with your picks but i expect so much more from drew! (not so much from mariah…) i couldn’t get over the fact that drew’s “people” let her leave the house without a bra! big mistake! made her look frumpy…

  2. Jan Says:

    Gweneth drew criticism for her choice…duh…she was beautiful!!

  3. eanimal Says:

    you crack me up…i didn’t see the heinous fashions, but I now wish I had. You do realize you’ve turned into Joan Rivers, sans bad face lift, nose job and otherwise plastic exterior…

  4. Christa Milano Says:

    The worst dressed diva of 2006 goes out to Mariah Carey. Now we can remember back in ’05 when her album “The Emancipation Of Mimi” was released, she started to dress glamour, and I was really impress, but now she starts dressing whorish again, and people no longer can’t stand it. She should realize that she’s not a 15-year-old going prancing into some tacky, skimpy outfits that doesn’t look flattering, and appropriate for her to wear. She needs a new stylist, and a new makeover so poeple will know that Mariah is not a whorish person. I just don’t understand why does she have to dress so whorish everytime, and it’s really getting on other people’s nerves including the fans.

    I’ve seen current pics of her from her “Adventures Of Mimi” tour, and I didn’t much care of her first performance in a black bikini. Now what fool would do a performance like that?! Then, she came out into one yellow dress that I did like, but the rest i didn’t like at all. By 2007, I want to see 100% glamour on that woman, and non of that tacky, skimpy high crap she be wearing all the time, and that looks YUCK on her. So for 2006, i give her 2 thumbs down for worst-dressed.

  5. Lynn Says:

    i have to agree with christa,
    mariah has been dressing whorish this year, and hasn’t kept her promise to her fans. i love her but i’m really getting sick and tired of her whorish ways. she getting too old to be wearing that stuff anywayz, and it’s not very pretty on her. she’s very beautiful but why does she have to dress like a prostitute?

  6. Shawna Says:

    mariah does it to sell records, and i know that most of her outfits are tasteless especially when she be wearing those skin-baring dresses which i don’t like on her, and they be too tight on her. YUCK! She’s the worst-dressed now for 2006 than she did last year (’05).